We have been bringing you meat specialties for more than half a century. We have continuously improved our production processes in our domestic factories and in 2008 it was time to expand. We have teamed up with major companies with long-standing tradition in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. We continued to grow thanks to honest joint work and in 2021 we became a proud part of Smithfield Foods, Inc. It is a global leader in market in the meat processing industry and one of the world's leading vertically integrated meat processing companies. It owns farms and production facilities with equipment and offices in the US, Mexico and Europe. It currently employs 40 thousand people in United States and 14 thousand people in Europe and works with thousands of local farmers.


Start of construction of the meat processing plant in Humenne. A new era of meat industry was born in the north-east of Slovakia under the Vihorlat Mountains.
Commissioning of the new meat processing plant. It is a part of the Eastern Slovak butchery industry. People from neighbouring towns also found employment in the new plant.
Modernization and reconstruction in the plant. Installation of the first meat packing machine in Humenne.
In the centre of the Novohrad region, the construction of a new plant on Mikušovská cesta in Lučenec was started. It will contribute to the development of agriculture and self-sufficiency in food production.
Commissioning of the meat processing plant in Lučenec. The new modern plant equipped technically and technologically will bring many opportunities. Large capacities for the most efficient processing of meat from a wide area, created conditions for the purpose of export and more.
Mecom a.s. is established in Humenne. The entire production plant is undergoing modernisation. Investments directed into production technologies to ensure quality and expand the product range. The company thrives and wins many awards.
Quality meat and meat products are sold in more than 50 outlets and the plant in Humenne employs more than 420 people.
The Mecom plant in Humenne was the first meat-processing enterprise in Slovakia to obtain license number SK63. This number entitles the company to sell processed meat and meat products on the markets of all EU countries. Mecom started its journey to the European Union with a new trademark DRUGET, which is closely linked to the history of the town of Humenné.
Mäsokombinát Hrádok Lučenec becomes part of Mecom a.s. after 10 years (2005).
The acquisition and merger of several meat processing companies, also abroad, creates one large, strong and stable Central European Carnibona group.
2008 - 2012
The consolidation of the Druget, Fajne Novohrad and PM Zbrojníky brands created a unified and strong Mecom brand.
We are entering a new category and launching grill products of different flavours. A new stage begins and we become the leader in offering grill range. This also includes a massive promotion during the summer in the form of the Mecom Express Grill Party, which continues for years to come.
The Mecom brand receives the Superbrands Award for the first time as one of the most successful meat processing companies in Slovakia.
Consumer surveys and trends show an increased interest in meat products with a high meat content. We are launching a new premium range of products, all of which are made in original recipes, with exciting new seasonings and high meat content.
2017 - 2019
At the beginning of the year, we are launching new packaging for our products in our core portfolio. We are following new trends, being innovative and thus becoming more attractive and modern in our segment. We are also giving the premium range a new, black and gold design and adding up to seven new, delicate hams. Products with not only high meat content, but also interesting and unique flavours on the market.
In the production plants in Lučenec Humenne we are expanding the "cutting" centres, where we are significantly increasing the number of workers and the total volume of pork halves cut.
We are launching a new product line called Naša Slovenská, which includes meat products made exclusively from 100% Slovak meat. The main objective of creating the new product line Naše slovenská is to support the food self-sufficiency of the country and domestic farmers. Consumers will find products on the market with the distinctive 100% Slovak meat label, in Slovak colours.
Together with other sister companies under the MECOM GROUP, Mecom has become a proud part of Smithfield Foods, a global market leader in the meat processing industry. The company operates its food business under the motto "Good Food. Responsibly." and has become one of the world's leading vertically integrated meat processing companies.


Ladislav Čechovič


Miroslav Matvija

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Ballay

Supply chain director

Adriana Sill

Director of Finance



The quality of our products is always paramount. We will never settle for mediocrity.


We communicate openly and directly. Every opinion is important to us and two-way feedback is an absolute priority.


Each of us is important and each of us is a professional in our own right. Continuous improvement is what keeps us going.


We care about the future of our planet and are therefore trying to conserve finite resources.


The team goal is also the goal of each individual. Because only together we can do more.

Brand vision and mission

We are meat lovers. We believe that every morning can be a sausage roll better, a barbecue a sausage more fun and a trip a slice of ham nicer. We believe that when everything we make smells great and tastes great, everyone will eventually have some.

Our products are a celebration of quality, tradition and a constant desire to improve. Let every day you choose to spend with Mecom be like a delicious little holiday.


The right choice of meat, traditional, home-made slow smoking for up to three days on beech wood, carefully selected Hungarian paprika and several weeks of drying ensure an intense and exceptional gourmet experience with every sausage made by us. For more than 100 years, honest preparation and the selection of the right ingredients have been behind the unmistakable taste of our products.

Even the Emperor liked to savour every bite of the renowned Hungarian salami. We add only special ingredients to our products - original Hungarian spices, our long-standing know-how and tradition. Just like the Emperor, you too can enjoy every bite of our products, the harmony of the ingredients and the balanced taste. Enjoy every moment. We are Kaiser and we create unique and delicious products.

In every moment of production we think about you, your needs, your tastes, the moments you will experience with us. Only you know what your loved ones like best, what makes them laugh, what makes them happy, what puts a smile on their face. Only you can prepare at the right time what they like best and conjure up unique moments full of joy and happiness even from seemingly ordinary things. Only you can add your magic ingredient that can make even ordinary things into a "big deal".